Lexus as Platinum Partner and Official Automotive Partner at the Nitto ATP Finals.

From November 12th to 19th, the brand Lexus took center stage at the ATP Finals held at the Pala Alpitour in Turin. The impressive Lexus Electrified fleet, consisting of 43 vehicles, not only provided essential support to players and guests throughout the ATP tournament but also highlighted the brand's unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability in the fight against climate change.

A standout feature of the event was the introduction of the new LBX, the Lexus Breakthrough Crossover, a compact Premium SUV that captured attention at its dedicated stand, meticulously curated by Event's Way to showcase the brand's innovative spirit and luxury appeal.

Moreover, guests were invited to experience a bespoke lounge area meticulously crafted by Event's Way, offering an inviting and sophisticated ambiance that perfectly complemented the prestigious event.

In addition to static exhibitions, guests were treated to dynamic interactions at the Fun Village, where a tailor-made activity curated exclusively for Lexus provided an immersive experience, engaging the audience in the thrilling atmosphere of the tournament. This bespoke experience seamlessly embodied the innovative and captivating essence of the Lexus brand.